The writing's bad, but the paper it's on might be useful

Cars, trucks, and other automobiles are presented as alien and nightmarish

Plants (and fungi) that glow in in the dark (subtrope to Bioluminescence Is Cool)

A sheep and chicken... eat grass in the forest/become the prey of a hungry hiker.

Player Character lives in the middle of nowhere

A young child who is glued to their parent's cellphone or tablet

A person acts in a way that makes them seem frail, but is actually super powerful when they turn on the heat

The content is meant to be controversial and base-breaking.

A self-centered character with speed as a defining feature.

Character is introduced during the middle of the story.

Say "Please" if you want something.

The hero and villain's face-off is interrupted by cracks forming in the floor before both fall through and into the true arena.

Metal songs about natural themes such as animals or the planet.

A video game where you play through the relatively realistic life of a being.

Being trapped in another gender is NOT cool.

Critical Research Failure when it comes to how animals work or act

A tendency to ftvtropess.orget the other victims of the Nazi regime in works about WWII

A clueless character allows a fire to burn, or can't handle fire.

A character believes they are in a romantic relationship with another character when they are not.

Two characters pretend to be in a relationship.

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