drewski (Co-Owner)

Drew is one of the owners. We just blame him for everything.

Favorite Trope: The Gadfly

itcdr (Co-Owner)

Chris is the other owner. You can blame him when there are database and server issues.

Favorite Trope: New Media Are Evil

redshift (Publisher)

Tom is the publisher, so he tries to keep things running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Favorite Trope: A Day In The Limelight

dunn-ions (Developer)

Tyler does all the backend code, if the stuff front end doesn't work, blame him.

Favorite Trope: Not Allowed to Grow Up

trexog (Advertising)

Ryan slings the Ads that help keep TVTropes alive. Blame him for all rogue ads that sneak through our defenses

Favorite Trope: Bourgeois Bohemian

colerich333 (Social Media)

Cole is the one posting to facebook every day. Blame him when you get lured back to another wiki walk

Favorite Trope: The Un Favourite

chadalan (Developer)

Chad handles the front end development so if you don't like how things are layed out blame him.

Favorite Trope: Grilling Pyrotechnics

The Founder


Fast Eddie (The Founder)

The mysterious founder who helped start TVTropes back in 2004. He was the main admin for 10 years before retiring. Without him you probably wouldn't know what a trope is.

The Admin Team aims to provide the best TVTropes experiece for hardcore Tropers as well as casual users. If enjoying your experience, please contact us.

Contact Us
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